Studio Products

We believe that what we use on our skin and hair can affect our health. Therefore we strive to use Clean & Safe products all the way around. 

We have you covered for multiple products. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. We will help you find the right product for you.

Skincare & Makeup Products

LimeLife by Alcone

Clean, Safe, natural & EWG approved skincare and makeup products. 

SKIN CARE free of harmful chemicals

It takes less than a minute for chemicals from skin care products to get into your blood stream. That is why we set out to develop a super effective, free of harmful chemicals skin care line. This line produces such significant results that women and men all over the country are switching to LimeLife and not only are they looking better on the outside, they are healthier on the inside as well.

PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP FOR EVERYONE! Every women wants to look their best just like the celebrities. Now you can use the same makeup products.

Hair Products

Joico Hair Color

The joi of healthy hair

Your hair will be protected while receiving a stunning vibrancy, excellent condition,  and long-lasting color results.

AG Hair Care

Creating the foundation for healthy hair

We select the best ingredients in abundant proportions to ensure each product delivers on its promise while remaining gentle on the hair, and choose to leave out common ingredients like salt, paba, parabens and DEA.