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Do you really need that haircut?

How do you really know how often to get a haircut? I mean your stylist is probably telling you a time frame, but is it accurate? Or maybe you are one that you get a cut whenever you feel like it. No problem. Let's dig into how often you should get that cut and why.

Before we get into how often, let’s chat about why. We all want that beautiful and soft hair. Weather we want it short or long that depends on the person and the phase they are in. To achieve this soft and beautiful looking hair we need to have regular haircuts or trims. YES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE, that blog will be coming. :) By having even 1/2 inch trimmed off the ends will keep your hair healthier. Healthier hair is easier to maintain, style, and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

How often you get a cut, really depends on 2 factors; length, and if it is virgin hair. Yes I said it, Virgin Hair. That is hair that has never been color, perm, or chemically straightened. We in the Hair World call that virgin hair. It plays a role in so many different things when it comes to your hair. But for this blog we are going to stick to hair cutting.

Factor 1 length:

Short Hair

If you have hair that is shorter than the shoulders, then you will want to get it cut more often. I personally say 3 to 6 weeks. It really depends on the style of your haircut. When the hair is shorter it tends to loose the shape easier which makes styling it more difficult. Let's be honest, we all want simple & easy styles. So once you and your stylist have figured out exactly when that difficult out of shape week is, then you can stay clear of that by scheduling your appointment for that many weeks out.

Medium to Long Hair

This is where many of us stylist say different things. So I personally am going to say 6 to 12 weeks. You might be growing your hair out and so you really don't want to get cuts or trims at all. But as we talked about earlier on WHY you should, this would call for more like 8-12 weeks. However some people have breakage because multiple different reasons. If you are one of those people then I suggest 6-8 weeks to keep your hair healthier and to avoid breaking the hair more.

Factor 2: Virgin Hair Now that we have our time frames narrowed down a bit, let’s go into factor 2 of virgin hair. In today’s world most of us are coloring our hair and a few are getting perms. That is playing a HUGE role on how often to get a cut/trim. When you are putting chemicals onto your hair it makes the hair not as healthy. Therefore we need to get hair conditioning treatments and haircuts between those chemical treatments. Example: You are growing your hair out so you go 8-12 weeks. But you color your hair. I suggest you get a conditioning treatment and Hair trim every 5 weeks. On the 2nd 5 weeks you would have your color treatment instead of a conditioning treatment.

If you’re a visual person, let me lay it out for you:

8/24/19 = Hair trim & color

5 weeks later

9/28/19 = Hair trim & Conditioning treatments

5 weeks later

11/2/19 = Hair trim & color

I’m sure you’re getting the picture. If not shoot me a message or talk to your stylist. I’m sure she would be more than happy to help you figure out exactly how often you should get everything done.

To bring it all together for you. You first need to consider your hair length. Short or Medium/Long. Then do you receive any chemical treatments? There are other things that play a role on how healthy your hair is, such as weather and medicine. But we cannot control them. That is why I like to focus on things I can control. I hope you learned at least 1 thing from this blog. If you did I would love to hear what it was.

Have a Beautiful Day

Christina O.

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