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Beat the heat makeup tips

July is here. Which means 2 things; County Fairs & Hot Soldering heat. But with LimeLife by Alcone products you can still look incredible. I know your saying, "NO, I sweat too much. It won't stay. So I don't wear any makeup." Well. I am here to tell you that you still can and it will stay put. There are a couple tips with a couple products that I highly recommend for the Iowa July Heat. Spray & Stay primer & setting spray along with Translucent powder will be your 3 best friends. Spray & Stay is a 2 piece bottle set. 1 is a Primer Spray and the other is a Setting spray. First you will spray your face with the primer spray before you apply your foundation. This will ensure a smooth surface for your makeup. After you have finished applying your Foundation, I suggest using a big powder brush and dust on the Translucent Powder. This Professional formula helps to lock in the makeup for longer lasting power along with soaking up excess oil. Now lets spray on your Setting spray. This helps hold the makeup in place for up to 16 hours. Continue your normal makeup application. Once finished with your look, apply another round of Translucent Powder & Setting Spray. I have learned that this will help you to have beautiful look even after sweating. Now When you sweat, don't wipe. Blot. Take a power towel, or napkin and lightly blot the face. This helps so you won't wipe off the makeup nor give you even redder face. If you want to give them a try before purchasing them, then give me a Holler. I have time available.

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Be sure to stay hydrated with good ol' H2o. Water helps us to stay healthy. In return it helps us have a more flawless look.

Go enjoy that summer heat and have all your friends jealous because you still look fabulous at the end of the night.

💋💋 Christina O. 💋💋

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