• Christina O.


How do you feel when you get your hair styled just right, or the color is just what you want? You feel AMAZING RIGHT? Well think about this with me. You are standing in your bathroom and you know exactly what eye shadow shades to put on and where to put it. You have that PERFECT Lipstick color. Your eyes are POPPING. You say to yourself, “Wow this looks great, and I did it all by myself!” You are probably chuckling to yourself right now. Or your thinking ya right I can never do all that to myself. Well sista! I am here to tell you, YOU CAN!

In high school when they had us start thinking about what we wanted to do with our lives, my thoughts went to beauty industry. Even then I knew I wanted to help others feel beautiful about themselves. I remember one teacher telling me it was a waste as it was an over saturated industry. I told him, “Everyone will always want to get their hair cut and apply at least mascara and lipstick!” I knew right then I was going to prove to him that over saturated was not a thing.

I have been in the beauty industry since 2001 when I attended Capri Cosmetology College. I received my license in 2003. The smile that comes from my customers when they look at themselves is one I hold onto. It is a smile of Confidence and Self Love!

When LimeLife by Alcone was introduced to me, the products weren’t the only thing I was interested in. It was the company also. This family/company truly wants to spread Self-Empowerment, Love, and Inspiration all over the world. Then I tried and studied the products. Chemical-Free was the biggest factor I loved! My LimeLife Purpose is to build your confidence by helping you bring out your inner & outer beauty.

My personal mission is to help 30+ year old women to feel AMAZING every single day by giving them the proper tools and lessons to achieve their desired looks. That’s right, by having a one on one makeup lesson with me, you will leave confident in your own personal skills to achieve the look you want. Together we will figure out which products are best for you. No one day stands from me. I will always be just a call or video away if you get stuck or need a refresher. After some practice you will be feeling CONFIDENT and feeling beautiful on the inside and out.

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