1 year Anniversary

Wow oh wow. 1 year already? On Monday, November 19th it marked my 1 year of having Stylin' YOU Spa & Photo Studio open!!!! Where did the time go. 

As I sit here and reflect I am grateful and humble.  Lessons were definetly learned in this first year. But I did learn from them. There has been some changes in this first year as well. So let's go over that.  

Services offered

When we first opened, it was a space for gatherings, photo shoots, makeup Lessons, and hair styling. As of March we are a full service Salon! I offer all hair services such as the bold fun colors, and even perms. I still offer all makeup services as well. Ohh and the latest addition is...... 


When we first opened this was my logo. Cute right. I personally designed it. I love the simplicity of it. Eye lashes and lips to show you that we offer makeup. A camera to show we offer camera service's.   

 But then I came across this awesome lady and dad marketing team and they took me professional.  I told them my vision for a logo and what colors I like. And bam they made my current Logo! The eyes are camera lens! Oh my goodness. Love! 

Marketing & Promotions

Big 3 Design in Center Point have become my best friend's. All I have to do is tell them my thoughts and the whip up what I want! So in 2018 I implemented the following: 

New Business cards

Birthday Offer for in your month

New menu cards

Referral Program

Website (I made they didn't. YET) 

But wait til my Sale this weekend. They have been helping me with 1 HUGE offer for 2019! I am so darn excited to roll it out. So stay tuned for Friday as it will be a limited offer! 

Products offered

This one really hasn't changed. However there might be more oppoetunities coming to the studio. So also stay tuned.  Currently we offer:


💋doTERRA Essential Oils 


💋TrūAura Skincare

To view all of them and my shopping links click here: 👉 Website link


As much as I don't want to address this change, I feel as if I need to. When we opened it was Ashley Marie and myself. We made a good team. However Ashley lived over an hour away and so the drive wasn't becoming feesable for her any more. The long term vision for the studio was a bit different than what she was wanting. And that is OKAY! There fore we made a mutual decision in the Spring to part ways. She was a good photographer and I enjoyed having her. Thank you Ashley for the time you put in and for helping me with the opening! 

So who does the photography now??? ME, Christina.  Depending on what the situation is and what you are wanting, I shoot and edit the photos. I do enjoy doing it. I will say it's not my BIG passion like being an stylist is. But i do really enjoy it. There are also a couple of photographers that I call up on occasion and work with. They are both incredible Professional Photographers and I love working with them. So yes if you are looking for an AMAZING photographer give me a call I will hook you up with them. 

My Vision 

The long term vision of the studio is still the same; help boost women's inner confidence. Some day in the future I do dream to have a FULL Service Salon, Spa and Studio with even a great on location outside photo area. 

I have been taking online courses to ensure I am bringing you; my followers and guests the best version possible from me. When I can look at a guest and see them smile and feel beautiful, that is my reward.  In today's world there is so much negativity and bringing each other down. The Studio is a safe place for ALL women.  I will do my best to help you Feel and look beautiful!!! 

Thank you

Those words don't even do justice for how I feel. I had a vision and took the leap. But you my friends have helped back me and make it a succuessful year! If not, I would of had to shut the doors. So THANK YOU!!!! 

I also need to say thank you to my husband Cory.  He is my rock! He reminds me daily of how lucky I am and to keep going it will get better! We don't all start out at the top.  We must climb to get there. 

Also thank you to 2 incredible friends that have been there for me through the whole year. I was able to bounce ideas off of you. You even helped me with event ideas to get people into the studio. Thank you Carrie and Leslie! 

To all my family and friends: THANK YOU!!!!! 

This was a rocky year but I made it through.  I look forward to seeing what 2019 has in store for ME becauseI plan to DYNAMITE it! #Dynamite36

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