No Shave November?

Many of us know that every year when November rolls around the No shave contests start.  Do we know why they do them? It's not just for fun. There is a meaning behind it. It is to raise awareness to cancer. But that's not what my blog is about today. If you do want to know more about it check out this link: No Shave Org

So why am I writing this blog then. I want to share about personal experience to which instead of just a no shave November, how about NO SHAVE EVER!!!!! Ya that's right ever. And no I'm not going to let it grow out. I can barely go 2 days without shaving. The little stubble DRIVES me NUTS!!! 

How about NO Hair, NO Stubble, NO SHAVE EVER AGAIN??? Well a friend started to talk to me about just that and I was like "wait! Tell me more! Im intrigued!" There is an incredible company in Cedar Rapids and the Quad Cities that their only focus is to help us humans love ourselves by permanently getting rid of the unwanted hair. It is FDA Approved. A specialized Nurse performs the treatment. And it is a lifetime guarente. None of This, "oh 5 to 10 treatments and you should be rid of the hair". I said to me friend "GIVE ME THE DEETS"! 

My Experience 

You first appointmnet is actually a consultation to learn about the company, how it works, and of course the pricing. I kept putting my consultation off. But I finally went in for it and the ladies were extremely nice. I was on board with them and said "let's do this." 

A week or so later, was my first treatment appointment.  Oh boy! I was nervous and excited all in 1. I wanted to get rid of this hair and not have the darn shave burn any more. I was not prepared for what was about to happen though.  

"You'll feel a little pinch. Like a hot rubber band snapping you." Is what the nurse said. Yup. It was for some of it. There is no lieing here though. For other parts it was "oh my......" she even stopped a couple times for me because it hurt. However since my hair is so dark it does hurt a bit more. And of course more sensitive areas hurt more. I have no tattoos also to know how that feels. 

Here is a Snapchat video I took right after my treatment: My LHR Experience

The results

But man it was Worth it! 5 days!!! No shave for 5 days and that was just with this first treatment. As I get further into my treatments I will be able to go further time of NOT shaving until there is NO MORE HAIR!!!!! HECK YA!!!! 

So where did I go? Sorry they do have an Incredible Referral Program. So I don't want to just plaster it out there. To find out where and get the referral 50% off coupon, please comment or message me. I'll be more than happy to share!!! 

Oh and are you a member of my FB VIP Beauty Lounge Group? If so then I will be posting the referral information there. If you are not then click this link and ask to join: Christina's Beauty Lounge

I'm going to leave you with a quote: 

"You need to step outside your comfort zone in order to become Stronger and Grow!" Unknown. 

Go grow and be stronger! 

Beautifully Yours, 

Christina O. 

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