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What makes it Clean?

What makes Beauty Products clean is a very tricky question. When I say beauty products, I mean Hair products, body care products, skincare products, ALL OF IT! Over the years I have taken just what was told to me as the truth as I really didn't care about what ingredients are in the products I use. However as time goes on, I am learning that I do care about the ingredients. As we learned in the last blog, what we use effects more than just the appearance of the skin. Therefore we need to truly understand what is good to use. Then it is up to you to choose if you want to use it or not.

I have taken a full week to do research on "What makes beauty products clean/safe." What I was finding blew me away. When you google it, yes I dare you to google that question, you are first going to see many different product companies saying they are clean and safe. But you can't always believe that is true. You need to look at the ingredients and know what those ingredients mean.

How do we do that? There is a great resource, an app called "Think Dirty". Dirty as in bad ingredients. You are able to scan the barcode and it will give you a reading of it is clean/safe for you. What if it don't have a barcode, you can put in an ingredient name and it will let you know the information on it. If you are looking at a specific brand you can look that up as well. Go to your google play store or apple i-store to download it.

Why do we want to use "good" ingredients? Toxic ingredients over time will absorb into the skin and will find a way to get into our bloodstream. Which over time with it in our bloodstream can become very harmful.

Read your Labels:

Here are a few ingredients to stay away from:


*Sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate










*Synthetic fragrances

Here are a few Certifications you can look for on the products:


*EWG Varified

*Made Safe

*NSF/Ansi 305

*Natural Products Association

*Whole Foods market

*Leaping Bunny

*Peta Cruelty

*Certified Vegan

*Fair Trade Certification

*Fair for Life

How do I use this information? You your self need to choose what is important for you. Do you want to have it be vegan free, I want as natural as it can be, maybe it just matters on how well it works on my skin. It is YOUR choice. I personally wanted to be more knowledgeable about what I am putting on my skin & hair just as much as I am putting in my belly. That is the purpose of my research. So next time someone says, "this is the best thing for you", I challenge you to do a little research about the products. Or ask to see a "no list" of ingredients they won't use. Learn how their products work along with how it will help you!

Christina O.

Stay Beautiful my friends,

Christina O.

The information based in this blog was all information I put together by looking at a few different websites when I googled clean/safe products.

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