Why skincare?

Do you use a skincare regimen daily? Or are you using soap and water to cleanse your face? 

It don't surprise me to hear many women say they don't wash their face or that they use just soap and water. That is very common especially here in Iowa. I wasn't blessed with good skin. I have always suffered from break outs. As a high schooler I started to use a direct sales company skincare. My sister was selling it so I used it. My face didn't break out as much and it felt nice. So i continued to use it. Later I found another company that cleaned my skin up more. I used that one for 9 years til they closed. In February came another company. Been using that. Worked through the new breakouts because of it being a new product but WOW my skin looks the best it ever has. 

So I got to wondering.  Why do we need a skincare regimen instead of just water. Here is what I have learned. 

Our skin is a barrier to infection. Therefore when we don't use proper products it can cause our skin to dry out, become irritated and cracks may occur. All of that makes us more prone to infections.  

But why a facial cleanser? 

A facial cleanser goes into the skin layers to clear out the oily residue and moisturize the dry parts.  Water alone will take off your makeup anything on the surface. However moat of the time dirt, oil and makeup have gone into our pores to clog them. That is why we need a deep cleansing facial cleanser.  

You are now probably like what do you recomend? 

Of course I have a line that I personally use and love. Everyone's skin is different. That is why I am a Skin Consultant. Together you and I will find a line that works for you and your needs.  

Here is what I suggest looking for: 

Clinically proven products

Clean nature based 


Free of: Paragon, fragrances, sulfate, phthalates, and gluten. 




Want to learn more about the Facial Cleansing line I use? Click here: Clean Nature Based Products

If your interested in finding a great Facial cleanser for you, contact me for your Complimentary Skincare Consultation. Christina 319-404-0559

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