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Who is our Beauty Artist?

When I was in high school and someone would ask me, “what do you want to do after high school?” I only had 1 answer for them. I want to be a Stylist. So September 2001 I started my cosmetology career by attending Capri College in Cedar Rapids. Every day it was something new and exciting and that is just what I wanted. The smiles on the clients faces said it all.

Later in 2008 I found a direct sales company that allowed me to take my career a bit further. I began pampering women with skincare facials, hand, lip, and feet treatments. And wow I saw a huge difference. They even had makeup. Those parties were the most fun for me. I got to really help each person learn how to apply makeup and achieve their desired look. However that company took a hit and had to close down in 2017. So I had to take a look at my career again.

Through that direct sales company I learned a few things like; listen to the clients needs, not every person wants the same thing, and I met amazing strong business driven women. One of those ladies took me to my next adventure and to where I am today.

My passion is to help women build confidence by showing them how to look their very best weather it is through skincare, makeup, or even a hair makeover! Every person who sits in my chair is treated like a Princess with needs and feelings. They are the most beautiful person to me and I want them to feel like that!

Beautifully Yours,

Christina O.

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